8/14/2010 taban hayes strikes back with his stunning outer island hustle ep! three lovely chillout tracks featuring a remix by sven laux.

[Kraut05] Taban Hayes - Outer Island Hustle EP

1/18/2009 first of all, we want to wish you a happy new year! in our latest release, foam(archipel) is creating an extraneous world.
like a painter he weaves single sounds and sketchy melodies in these five eclectic songs.
c0c0's remix is a wonderful piece for early afterhours without losing foam's atmophere and keeping
his reflectiveness.

[kraut04] foam-what i would see before i die

9/13/2008 a new star is born! taban hayes contributes four phantastic chillout tunes. already played at cafe del mar ibiza! suz, markojux,
sebastian herre and haltungsschaden feat. erish are supporting this release with unique remixes for pure dancefloor- and livingroom-pleasure :)

[kraut03] taban hayes - aqua royale ep

6/28/2008 hector pizarro presents with regalito a stunning jazzy electronica ep! be sure, to download it quickly, this release is time-limited!

[kraut02] hector pizarro - regalito ep

2/12/2008 with it's first release, krautshop presents itself from its "krautiest" side: unlike the infinite facets of music found
on the internet, krautshop intends not to hold onto a specific aesthetic and consequently stick to it. krautshop will see many
styles come and go; rules will be broken until the label finds its very own way: the kraut way!

[kraut01] v.a. we are krautshop

a big thank you to all of our artists and everyone, who helped us!

oh and btw - don't tell us, that the page's looking crappy - we all know that but thanks to all webdesigners out there,
who work only for money and not for honour (as our musicians do) it will stay that crappy

11/21/2007 we will launch very soon. subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our first release and future activities.